Indie+ Anthologies

The Indie+ Anthology was a way for us to collect some awesome game supplements into one file!

In the 2014 edition, you can find an early version of the Angel playbook for Urban Shadows (not yet published as of 2017) that Jenn wrote, along with other content from some really cool people.

The first Indie+ Anthology is a collection of short roleplaying games and resources, released as a thank you to all our loyal subscribers who check out our videos each month during a subscriber drive to bring in new folks to our community. Thanks to all of your efforts, we added over 300 subscribers in 2014!

In the 2015 edition, you can find a playset for Josh Jordan’s game Heroine (which is really amazing and you should play it if you haven’t) to give the game a horror feel.

Welcome to the second Indie+ Anthology, released just in time for Halloween weekend! Enjoy eleven different short horror pieces from the Indie+ staff, special guests, and friends of Indie+ to celebrate the creation of our Indie+ Community page on G+!

The Jank Cast

Jenn is a host on the Chicago-based gaming podcast The Jank Cast. They talk about a really alarmingly wide variety of topics and also release Actual Plays, in case you want to listen to them game together.

Adam has been on as a guest to talk about Play by Post rpgs (part 1 and part 2) as well as an actual play of Poutine (part 1 and part 2)!