Jenn Martin

Jenn Martin is mostly harmless.

Elfin form

She plays play-by-post, LARP, video and tabletop RPG games- online and in person. She designs games to make you feel things- like the 2017 Golden Cobra award winner for Game that gives us the most Hope. By day, a cog in the capitalist machine. By night a game designer, writer, editor, geek parent, and part fae (allegedly).

My Work

My Games

  • Manic Pixie Dream Girls Anonymous, a LARP about a bullsh*t trope (In development)
  • Our Life in Space, a tabletop RPG in the vein of Becky Chambers’ fiction series The Wayfinders (In development)
  • My Little Daemon, a tabletop RPG for 2 (Available in forthcoming Resistor vol. 3 zine)
  • Kids in Books, a supplement for the tabletop RPG Kids on Bikes (Available in forthcoming Strange Adventures volume 2)
  • Mountain of Loss, a LARP about processing loss (In development)
  • One Year, a LARP about growing a community (Golden Cobra 2017 winner – Game that gives us the most hope)
  • Glass Ceiling, a LARP about witches at work (Golden Cobra 2016 Honorable Mention)

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