You live in the beautiful, rural town of Anywhere, Québec. You grew up here, your parents grew up here, their parents grew up here… You get the idea. There isn’t much here: there’s farming, fishing, forestry, and poutine — but oh my god you guys, the poutine.

Seriously — Oh. My. God.

It’s this little restaurant on the main strip that nobody knows about. The cook there is crazy good, and has the makings of a serious restaurateur. Everyone in town goes there, and everyone loves it. Sure, it has its share of problems, financial and otherwise, but who in town doesn’t have to deal with problems?

Lacy’s daughter is a straight-A student, but a broken condom means she’s not going to university next year. Mike’s wife has been sleeping with her co-worker in Montreal for months. Tim’s father’s Alzheimer’s is so bad he needs to be in a home — but they can’t afford it.

Their problems aren’t going away, but at least they can always get a delicious meal, and share their story. Even if talking doesn’t solve their problem, at the very least they’ll still have poutine… Eh?