A game Descended From the Queen

We are coming back together after a long time apart.
We were a part of a group that was once close, but went our separate ways.
We use two types of questions to establish shared history as well as how our characters have changed since.
We use the tools like the X card to help care for ourselves and each other.

We’ll tell the story of who we were then, and who we are now.

At ConLorado 2019, three friends witnessed the Reunion of a group of sorority sisters at an Italian restaurant and wound up making a game. Because of course we did.

We used Alex Roberts’ genius game For the Queen as a base, because we’d played it that day and it’s really just so good. We wanted to replicate a group that was once close, but had drifted apart and was coming back together. We picked some groups that might have reunions and got to work writing note cards!

The groups we started with were- sorority sisters, family, kids that went to high school together, and veterans. Once we got enough cards made we immediately playtested the game as sorority sisters and knew we had something special. We changed some cards, took some out, and added new ones. It was great fun!

This game was designed by Yoshi Creelman, Andy Munich & Jenn Martin, based on For the Queen by Alex Roberts. We are still working on it, but we’ll update this page when we can tell you more!